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Electrician Toowoomba is your local electrician contractor providing certified electricians for your houses and businesses. We understand how important it is to have professional electricians to work on your electrician wires, appliance and electric system in your house.

Electrical Contractor Toowomba, QLD

A professional will not only do the job right but also make sure safety is in place. Professional electric work keeps your electric appliances safe and electric system operation is safe even after they leave. No one wants to get shocked when they try to switch on their washing machine. Our electricians take great care in making sure they have done the work right and fixed whatever problem you were having. We provide a range of services to the residences and businesses in Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia. The services may be as small as installing a new switch board to a complete rewiring for your house. We do not say no to any job, we give importance to each project equally. Our electricians are trained to keep up to date with the latest technology, so matter the kind of issue you have we can solve it promptly. We also have necessary equipment to do all the electrician work and safety equipment to keep everyone safe. When you have an electrical issue, do not waste your time pondering who to call. Call Electrician Toowoomba right away for a complete electric solution. We will repair all your issues no matter the kind of electric appliance you have.

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Residential & Commercial Electrical Services We Offer

Solar Panel Installation Toowoomba

If you need an affordable and environmentally friendly way of conserving energy and getting backup electricity for when there is a power cut, installing a solar panel is the best way. Solar panels can be used for outdoor lighting, electric ovens, water heaters, and to run small appliances. Commercial places like hotels, malls, schools, hospitals can install solar panels as an alternative source of energy and save money on electricity bills everyday. In the long run solar panels are much more economical than having generators.


Lights are one of the most important aspects of your house or business. If you need to fix lights for your interior or exterior, call us. Our experts can help you choose energy efficient brights lights that will illuminate the surrounding with a bright glow. Since lights are always changing and evolving, if you need the latest kind of lights for your house, or business, our electricians can help you install them. We also install smart lights that can be controlled by smart phones and change intensity according to natural lights availability. We will install chandeliers and lighting fixtures for a more aesthetic lighting appeal for your home.

Appliance Testing

Test And Tag

If the appliances in your house are giving you an electric shock or getting damaged every other day, you should call for inspection or Test and Tag. This process is to check the electrical appliances with an equipment called Portable Appliance Tester and also through visual inspection. The visual inspection will make sure there is no physical damage to the appliance and the test method is seeing the electric flow from the outer surface. If we find any issues with it, we can identify the issue and fix it. The Process is called test and tag, because we tag the appliance once it has been tested.

Minor Electrical Jobs

Minor Electric Jobs

No matter how minor an electric job is, you should never try to do it. Taking chances with your life is not worth it. At Electrician Toowoomba, we do all minor fixes from replacing the fuse to fixing a light bulb. We highly recommend waiting for the electricians to fix an electric problem and not going at it on your own. Hundreds of people die everyday trying to fix an electric issue without proper safety equipment and proper knowledge. Improper fixes can cause cross connection and electric fixes or total power cut off from the main fuse.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system maintains the temperature of your home or office and without it would become difficult to work or stay at home. We fix all your air conditioning electric issues at an affordable price. We do rewiring, wires fixes and replacing wires for Air conditioners. When you are running air conditioners which require a high voltage you need to have proper wiring that can take the load, without it you probably will have electric fires or air conditioner damage.

Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard Upgrade

When you need to upgrade your switchboard, you know who to call. We will replace your old switchboard with new ones to fit your appliances. We can also upgrade multipurpose switchboards that are versatile and can fix all sizes and designs of plugs. Older switchboards are often not made to be able to take the load of new appliances. Every year new and improved switchboards come to market that are safer and lower the chances of electric shocks, if you are wanting to upgrade the electric safety get a switchboard upgrade.

Hire One Of The Best Electrical Contractors In Toowoomba, QLD

As a local electrician that has been operating in Toowoomba for more than 30 years, we are considered to be the best in what we do. Our customers call us for all their small and big electric issues. We are reputed for the quality of work we provide, the unmatchable customer service and knowledgeable approach to electric services. We are not the company to send amateurish people to your house to fix your frayed wires or install new plug points. Our electricians are trained and experienced professionals who have all the knowledge to do the job right. We work on weekends as well and on off days, if you need emergency help or service during the off hours for your business, just let us know, we will schedule the service accordingly. The products we use are locally bought and manufactured, all of them have proper warranty and authentication tag. Electrician Toowoomba is dedicated towards providing long lasting solutions.