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Frequently Asked Questions | Electrician Toowoomba


Yes, we suggest you call a professional to install bulbs for lighting in general. There are several types of lights in the markets and a professional can help you choose the right kid that will go with your house, won’t be heavy on your budget and economical saving you money on the electricity. When you do it yourself, it might not be installed properly and damage the light.

If you have old wires that are not capable enough to take the load of current electric consumption, you should definitely get a wires replacement. You notice removed insulation, fried wire or frequent appliance failure, get inspection done to see what the issue is.

Yes. Air Conditioner is a high load equipment, it requires high voltage. If your house is not signed up for proper voltage, your air conditioner will get damaged or not start at all with low voltage.

You definitely should get an upgrade. For example if you don’t have that half-circle-shaped hole in your socket, it’s time to get it changed. It ensures your safety. It is to help the outlet to avoid interaction with a hot and cold cable, thereby eliminating the possibility of electric shock or explosion. You must install these exchanges to replace the old ones if you move into an older house.

Surges are kind of voltage spikes that can happen due to a number of reasons. The reason being, bad weather, cross connection, power grip maintenance work etc.

We use a surge protector. It is an appliance that protects an electrical device from voltage spikes. A surge protector is designed to limit the voltage flow to an electric device by blocking any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

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